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Our Mission

Crown pillar: children's home provides a safe home for less privileged kids especially orphans in order to meet their spiritual, emotional, physical and educational needs.


In Africa, most orphans and vulnerable children are always confronted with enormous psychological and social problems. These problems are acute due to the absence of love and security from their extended families and lack of government support.


With your generous help, the children’s welfare, education and feeding can be provided for. You can give a donation 


We are inviting you to help us make a big change. You have the opportunity to travel to Nigeria and make a difference in the lives of needy children and the lives of those in the communities they come from.You can make your stay as short as two weeks or as long as two years.

When you give to Crown pillar: Children's home, 95% of your money goes to the cause. Our desire is to have 100% of your money go into the cause. We are seeking for a group of small private donors who would pay for our operational cost, so when you give, every penny goes to the Children.